Emmerson release sustainability report, aims to “do the right things in the right way”

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Emmerson PLC (LON:EML) has released a 2020 Sustainability Summary which gives a forward-looking view on the development and construction of its world-class Khemisset potash project, in Morocco.

The company highlighted that the highest standards were adopted to reflect on the company’s vision and values, which all can be summarised by the phrase ”doing the right things in the right way”.

“The Khemisset project will not only contribute to the overarching agenda of enriching agricultural soils to provide affordable food for the world’s growing population, but will have a positive impact on the local area because the directors are determined to do it in the right way,” said Graham Clarke, Emmerson chief executive in a statement.

“We will endeavour to maximise material benefits for all of its stakeholders while mitigating the impact of mining on the environment, both in the construction and production phases.”

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Clarke added: ”We are proud that the project will be such a positive catalyst for economic development in Morocco, which is why we have strong support from the Government and the local communities around Khemisset. 

“Our team is committed to delivering and operating the Project to the highest standards to ensure Khemisset is a national success story in the burgeoning mining sector in Morocco.”

Lahcen Alloubane, Emmerson’s Morocco manager, added: “As a team developing a mining project, it is fundamental that we commit to the highest standards of corporate and social responsibility to produce a sustainable future for all our stakeholders while we deliver the highest value for our shareholders.

“On a broader level, development of the Khemisset Potash Project goes in line with the government efforts to revive the economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the project aligns well with the strategic plan of making Morocco a hub for fertiliser industry, primarily in the context of Africa. 

“The outstanding Project economics, our commitment to the highest operational and environmental standards, and the expertise we have in the team are key factors to make us part of this broader agenda.”

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