ANGLE says five-year study identifies the “key advantages” of the company’s liquid biopsy system

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ANGLE PLC (LON:AGL) (OTCQX:ANPCY) said a five-year study of five circulating tumour cell (CTC) isolation platforms has identified the “key advantages” of the company’s liquid biopsy system.

The group said the research showed that Parsortix’s performance was “robust”, with mean cell capture rates of 71% and 67% for the two cell types targeted.

The leading US-approved antibody-based CTC system was unable to enrich one particular line, called EpCAM low cells.

Parsortix was comparable to the leading antibody-based system in terms of time required for sample processing, staining and cell identification and was “considerably faster” than some other systems.

ANGLE said the Transfix blood collection tubes, used with Parsortix in this study, provided for five days’ blood stability “enhancing the practicability of sample management”.

The platform was assessed as part of work undertaken by the CANCER-ID Consortium, a public-private partnership supported by Europe’s Innovative Medicines Initiative.

Investigated was the ability of the devices to screen for non-small cell lung cancer CTCs.

In a statement, ANGLE founder and chief executive, Andrew Newland, said: “We look forward to harnessing Parsortix’s unique capabilities as we continue to make strong progress with the establishment of approved clinical laboratories to support the use of the Parsortix system for pharma services and subsequent clinical deployment for clinical use.

“As previously announced, the Parsortix system has been submitted to FDA, seeking the first-ever FDA product clearance for a system that harvests cancer cells from a simple blood draw for subsequent analysis.”

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