House prices in March set to show a fall or rise – depending on how you measure it

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Friday’s cupboard of expected announcements is one old Mother Hubbard would recognise well.

Although doubtless there will be some company results released (because there always are), the identities of those companies are currently top secret, which means the early focus will be the Halifax house price index.

The March index is expected to rise 0.2% from February’s level after falling 0.1% in February.

On the face of it, that looks like a rebound but the annual increase in the index is expected to retreat to 5.1% from February’s 5.2%.

In the US, the March producer price index is expected to a 0.4% increase, which represents a slight slowdown from February’s 0.5%.

US wholesale inventories, which on a normal day would be far down the bill below the sword swallowers and contortionists, might also garner some attention from insomniac traders.

Economists are expecting a 0.5% advance for February, following February’s 1.3% gain.

Significant announcements expected on Friday, April 9:

Economic data: Halifax house price data, US producer prices, US wholesale inventories

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