DeepVerge launches Skin Trust Club app on App Store

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DeepVerge PLC (LON:DVRG) has launched its Skin Trust Club app on Apple’s App Store in the UK and Ireland, in what it said was a “new revolutionary approach to individual skin maintenance through personalised skincare routine”.

The Skin Trust Club is designed to offer a customised skincare routine derived from a home test kit which is used to take a single swab that is sent to the company’s lab for testing and then the results are linked to the subscriber’s local environment via the smartphone app.

Using real-time air pollution and weather data from the customer’s location, the Skin Trust app builds a complete picture of the skin microbiome and the impact of local surroundings.

The app then identifies ingredients suited to the subscriber’s unique skin microbiome and provides updates in real-time.

This means the most appropriate daily skincare routine is “based on science, not guesswork”, the company said.

The analysis includes microbiome identification and quantification of living organisms such as bacteria, viruses, bacteriophages, fungi, parasites, on the skin, as well as metabolites in the skin sample.

A skin gene expression analysis quantifies the biological activity of living organisms on the skin, Deepverge said, with personal genetic analysis examining genomic data to “understand potential skin concerns and future risks”, though it is not able to identify inherited diseases.

Deepverge chief executive Gerard Brandon said: “The App Store opens our Skin Trust Club to everyone with an interest in providing greater care and protection for their skin. Being able to identify which products are truly suited to just your skin will empower an informed choice of skincare routine, based on your own microbiome and the environmental impacts of the area in which you live.”

With the app powered by the company’s Labskin skin microbiology subsidiary, Brandon said the launch comes just as additional space has become available to accommodate demand for home test kits.

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