AstraZeneca posts positive final-stage trial results for lung cancer treatment

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AstraZeneca PLC (LON:AZN) has shared positive results from a final-stage trial on its drug Imfinzi for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients.

The candidate was analysed in combination with platinum-based chemotherapy, or antibody tremelimumab and chemotherapy, compared to chemotherapy alone, as primary treatment for patients at stage IV of cancer.

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The combination of Imfinzi, tremelimumab and chemotherapy demonstrated a statistically significant and clinically meaningful overall survival (OS) compared to chemotherapy alone.

It also showed statistically significant improvement in progression-free survival (PFS), as already announced in October 2019.

Patients in this arm were treated with a short course of tremelimumab, an anti-CTLA4 antibody, over a 16-week period in addition to Imfinzi and standard chemotherapy.

The Imfinzi plus chemotherapy arm demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in PFS versus chemotherapy in the previous analysis, but not in OS.

Patients in the control arm were treated with up to six cycles of chemotherapy, while those in the experimental arms were treated with up to four cycles.

Both combinations were found to be safe.

“We’ve seen encouraging uptake of novel combinations in this setting and believe this new approach will add a further option for patients with high unmet medical need,” said Dave Fredrickson, executive vice president at the oncology business unit.

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