Love Hemp partners with mental health service to help combat “secret epidemic”

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Love Hemp Group PLC (LON:LIFE), the cannabidiol (CBD) product supplier, has partnered with Togetherall, an online mental health and well-being support service.

Subscribers to the Love Hemp newsletter who are aged 16 or more will be given free access to the Togetherall platform, Love Hemp said, giving them access to a community of peers who help to support and guide each other, as well as a team of trained mental health professionals who moderate the service and monitor its users’ needs.

Togetherall also offers access to a range of courses and resources to help users to understand different mental illnesses and ways to support them.

Love Hemp said it is committed to providing its consumers with tools to help improve their health and well-being in all aspects of life and this partnership further supports Love Hemp’s dedication to putting wellness at the front and centre of its offerings.

“I am incredibly proud of Love Hemp’s partnership with Togetherall, especially with our relationship being the first of its kind. Mental health has always been something that has been quite close to home for me and has felt like the silent epidemic. The team at Love Hemp wanted to give back to our community of customers and partners by offering them access to free mental health support, 24/7,” said Tony Calamita, the chief executive officer of Love Hemp Group.

“In the last year, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has had a profound effect on people’s mental well-being and will continue to do so for years to come. We chose Togetherall because it offers anonymous support 24/7, bridging the gap for those who do not want to talk to friends or family or seek professional help. The online resources they also offer provide important education around mental health, as it is so valuable to know and understand your problem when you’re trying to tackle it,” he added.

Henry Jones, the chief executive officer of Togetherall said its collaboration with Love Hemp was a unique partnership for the mental health service.

“By providing Togetherall access, Love Hemp’s subscribers can join a supportive and safe online environment to talk openly and anonymously about their feelings or experiences,” Jones said.


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