Electric charging market avoids probe days after £300mln investment announced

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Britain is not going to face an investigation into how its electric vehicle charging market is structured or not yet anyway.

The Competition and Markets Authority has declined to investigate any further following a study that started in December last year.

The competition watchdog said while there are issues emerging within the EV charging sector, its plan is to develop a package of remedies from the market study that will address these.

Highlighted were en-route rapid/ultra-rapid charging, in particular on motorways/motorway service areas (MSAs).

Britain to triple number of electric vehicle charging points with £300mln programme

Here, there there are a number of emerging concerns about investment and competition, said the CMA and in particular due to high grid upgrade costs and difficulties for charge point operators to access MSAs.

This week, though, Ofgem announced a £300mln investment programme for motorway charging points.

The CMA also pointed to on-street slow/fast local charging on the kerbside or in local hubs – where there are a number of emerging issues about the limited investment to date, the role of local authorities and various challenges they face in facilitating the installation of this infrastructure.

Broader longer-term competition risks were another area of concern, said the CMA.

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