Institutions using ETFs to invest in Chinese equities and bonds says new research

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Institutions are increasing their use of ETFs to access Chinese equities and bonds according to new research by NTree International.

Over three quarters (78%) expect to see an increase in the use of ETFs to access Chinese asset classes over the next three years, found a survey carried out for ETF manager China Post Global.

Two-thirds (67%) of the institutions polled and that speak for US$293bn of managed assets said ETFs provided a more specialist and niche exposure to Chinese equities and bonds. 

A further 60% said it is because there is greater innovation in the ETF marketplace, over half (55%) said that they are more competitive than mutual funds, and 54% said that their liquidity is expected to improve.

Tim Harvey, NTree’s chief executive, said:  “Our research shows the growing demand for Chinese asset classes among institutional investors but also a desire for specialist, innovative products such as ETFs which can provide access at more competitive prices.”

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