Mosman Oil and Gas advances Amadeus exploration as it contracts survey

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Mosman Oil and Gas Ltd (LON:MSMN) has awarded a contract for an airborne gravity and gradiometry survey over the EP 145 area, in Australia’s Amadeus Basin.

Data acquisition is planned for mid-June – subject to NT government approval, which was applied for in May – and it is seen as a significant step in the exploration programme.

The company noted that it will be the first time that data acquisition will be undertaken across the whole permit, and, it will be used to identify focus areas for future programmes including seismic and potentially drilling.

“This is a significant step in the exploration of EP 145,” said John Barr, Mosman chairman. “We are delighted to have awarded this contract in order for Mosman to be able to use the Falcon gravity and gradiometry data to assist with refinement of the 2D seismic programme in order to focus on potential drill targets in the permit.”

Mosman detailed that the survey will cost A$300,000 and will span the entire 818 square kilometre permit area.

It noted that current subsurface seismic data is limited to the North West and central part of the permit and existing regional gravity data is too sparse to provide sufficient detail of the complex salt related structures, which are seen to host hydrocarbon and helium leads.

The new survey will use a gravity gradiometry system which is expected to image salt and subsalt geometry across a range of depths.

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