Remote Monitored Systems sees big opportunity from nano-materials as it pushes ahead with refreshed

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What does RMS do?

Remote Monitored Systems PLC (LON:RMS), formerly known as Strat Aero, has two main investments: Gyrometric and CloudVeil.

Gyrometric provides a way to monitor remotely rotating shafts such as those used in wind turbines, ships and manufacturing operations to minimise downtime.

CloudVeil is a security and risk management consultancy in the early stages of its development.

In August, Remote Monitored also agreed to buy Pharm 2 Farm, a hydroponics specialist that has also established a business making anti-viral facemasks, though the deal still needs to be approved by shareholders.


How is it doing?

RMS said it expects substantial revenues to be generated by Pharm 2 Farm from the sale of anti-viral face masks.

Trevor Brown, chief executive, said: ”Since we announced the proposed acquisition, the market for Pharm 2 Farm products, in particular for face masks, has continued to grow exponentially.

Pharm 2 Farm is setting up a production line that will be able to produce up to 5mln standard or anti-viral face masks per month.

“The successful development of a face mask with anti-viral properties will, we believe, generate substantial revenue for the enlarged group,” said Brown.

“Proof of Concept for the efficacy of the anti-viral mask is imminent and mask production is anticipated to commence in the first quarter of 2021.”

Elsewhere, RMS said Cloudveil is negotiating with a London-based law firm over a security programme and had also bid for a testing contract for one of the UK’s largest public sector financial services institutions.

Gyrometric, meanwhile, is set to start a three-month trial at a Tarmac cement manufacturing operation now that a site has become available.


What the boss says: Trevor Brown, chief executive 

“The successful development of a face mask [by Pharm 2 Farm] with anti-viral properties will, we believe, generate substantial revenue for the enlarged group.” 


Inflexion points

  • Completion of P2F acquisition
  • P2F starts to produce anti-viral face masks
  • Trial of Gyrometric technology with Tarmac



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